Tuesday, May 23, 2006

Sunday Scribblings...on Tuesday?!

Whoa, feels like I've been gone for ages and its only been three days. So many posts to catch up on, it's great- makes my morning at work go so quickly! Going to do my Sunday Scribblings now and then do a post about my weekend later- hope that's not an overload for anyone!!

Three Wishes:

Wishes have always perplexed me- do you be terribly specific so as to leave little room for error, or do you make bold wishes like world peace and see what happens? I'd probably have two or three wish lists- one for myself (selfish wants) and one for the world and my friends and family, just to spread the luck and magic around. I can't help but think of the wishes I've had come true in my life- traveling the world, expanding my own comfort zone, seeing the world through new eyes; creating a life on my own in a foreign country, being strong and making my dreams come true; falling in love with a man who wants to see the world with me and loves me completely without condition, just as I am; finding a place we both love and want to settle down in...so many more wonderful things! Wishes to me now are more about clarifying what I truly want in my life and putting it out there- no great expectations that some other force will fix it all for me, but that I am also involved with making them come true.

Here are my three wishes for today:

I wish to let go, accept what I cannot control and trust that I can/will handle whatever happens in my life. To love myself unconditionally and completely.

I wish for a job that fulfills me, creatively and emotionally. A chance to do some good and help others discover their own potential. A job where I get to have fun as well!

I wish for more opportunities to see all of my family (all over Canada and USA and England) and friends more often. And for them to all be happy and healthy and living the lives they dream of. (just like Megg says in her wish list)

I've loved reading all the other wish lists! What a great prompt! And I think their suggestion to make a totally selfish list is a great idea as well- going to do that one in my journal.

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Maggie said...

Reading about the wishes you've made that have already come true was so wonderful for me today. I hope the rest of them come true as well. xoxo

Cate said...

Your wishes really resonate with me, esp. the control one! Beautifully said. I hope that your wishes come true! xo

la vie en rose said...

amen to wish one and two. i want those too. as for wish three, well i live in the same city as most of my family and sometimes i want a break from them...

Earth Monkey said...

loved reading your wishes and your intro tryin to clarify what wishing really is for you. i guess it is an ever evolving process...