Monday, August 07, 2006

Sunday Scribblings and Photos

Sea to Sky Highway, heading south to Vancouver


Green Lake, Whistler

Here are some photos from our weekend adventures! We had a great time driving around our area, seeing more of what a gorgeous place it is here. Saturday we took our Argentinian friends (who are too much fun!!) to Cultus Lake park for a picnic and wade in the water. We drove around Fraser Valley, looking at the beautiful farms and scenery with the mountains all around. Ice cream and a stop for beer topped off the day. We came home to the fireworks finale, which meant driving around for over and hour trying to get to our building, as all the roads were shut for the event! Too funny!! Rich also drove for the first time in Canada, on the other side of the road and car and did great!! It was so nice to share the driving with someone.

On Sunday, we got up and drove up the Sea to Sky Highway through Squamish and up to Whistler and the little town of Pemberton just passed it. Not much happening there, but the scenery was amazing!! We had a picnic near some waterfalls, keeping all our garbage together to keep the bears away. Stopped in Whistler for a quick visit - the ski hill is now a playground for serious mountain bikers. I've never seen anything like it! The jumps were unbelievable!! And they all had armour on, something new to me! The drive back was gorgeous, the bright blue sky and mountains with green and snow - we couldn't take enough photos really. I can't wait till his parents get here in September and we can show them all of these beautiful places and more. Let's hope for sunny days then too!! Look what we missed while we were away...

This week's Sunday Scribblings prompt - "Who I might have been?" I've done a 10 minute timed writing...

Who would I have been if I hadn't been born in Windsor, Nova Scotia - a town of 3000 people? Would I have wanted to travel if I had grown up in a big city like Vancouver? Would I have still had the desire to see the world and learn what's really out there?
If I had never gotten on that plane to go to San Francisco for the summer to live with my aunt and uncle, I may never have contracted the Travel Bug and seen what opening myself up to a bigger world really felt like. Who would I have been without all of those stamps in my passport and that experience under my belt? I never would have met Rich or all my wonderful friends from all over the world. I may never have learned who I am and who I want to be, at least not on the same level, if I had stayed somewhere safe.
I might have stayed in my small town, found a nice local boy and settled down, raised a family, become a teacher, and enjoyed a quiet life. I may have moved to a city, started a life there working in publishing and editing novels. Maybe I would have found another way to help people- a counselor or psychologist.

Who would I have been if I had been born in England or somewhere in Europe? Or if I had been born in a different century- maybe the 16th or 18th century instead? Would I have let my life be ruled by men or been there to help make a change? Who would I have been if I was born as a man? What sort of man would I have become?
Who might I have been if I had never gone to university to avoid being in debt? Would I still be able to find a good job? Would I miss having had those experiences?
This prompt seems to have only opened up more questions than answers!! Makes me think how little decisions can make a big difference just as much as life changing ones.


ruby said...

those photos are gorgeous...i hope to travel more one seems that you learn so much more about yourself when you step outside of your comfort zone...

la vie en rose said...

so blue!

that last sentence says it all. we can often write off the little decisions but it really is this string of little decisions that make us who we are and get us to where we are.

liz elayne said...

beautiful photos.
and it is interesting to reflect on all the decisions we make in our life..from the huge to the seemingly insignificant.
great post.