Monday, August 14, 2006

Sunday (on Monday) Scribblings

You have to leave the city of your comfort and go into the wilderness of your intuition.
What you'll discover will be wonderful.
What you'll discover is yourself.
~Alan Alda~

This week's prompt, "Who else can I still be?". ( I love this prompt!!!)

I can still become a woman who doesn't worry so much. I can still become someone who doesn't end up choking on her own anxiety. I can still become a woman who takes care of her health and loves to exercise. I can still become a woman who doesn't care what other people think and doesn't get caught up in people pleasing. I can still become a woman who is proud of who she is, of the life she has lead and is creating. I can still become someone who doesn't beat herself up so easily. I can still become someone who has been doing yoga for decades. I can still become a yoga instructor. I can still become someone who learns how to meditate and let go, to trust in myself and the Universe. I can become someone who knows peace. I can still become a woman who loves herself unconditionally and easily.

I can still become someone who writes children's books. Who has her own creative outlet in making cards and writing letters and in her journal. Someone who helps young women (and boys too) find their own inner strength and authenticity through journal writing. I can still become a woman who has an impact on others, especially on young kids. I can still become someone who enjoys her job, who is passionate about what she does. Who has figured out who she wants to be in her career.

I can still become a mother. I can still experience that adventure in all its entirety. I still have that to look forward to. I can still become a mother who is calm and not charged up on anxiety. I can still become a wife to the man I love. I can become a home owner, someone who has a garden to tend to and a place to design. I will still get to create a home for my own family. Maybe even several homes all over the world.

I can still be someone who travels and gets to see the world. I can still become someone who has a passport full of stamps and a memory full of experiences. I can still be someone who helps those in other countries to live a better, fuller life. I can still be someone who can make a difference to those who need it, all over the world.

I can already start to see her in the mirror, just need to be bold and keep plugging away.

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Update on the job situation - was supposed to know by today, but she called to say someo fthe decision makers had been away, so will be by the end of the week, hopefully!! Man, I was all ready to find out as well. Oh well, I'll know soon enough. At least they aren't saying no yet!


ruby said...

i can identify so much with these things that you envision for yourself...i didn't participate in sunday scribblings, but i have been so inspired by the recent prompts that perhaps i'll have to join in some time...still keeping my fingers crossed for you on the job front...

Madeleine said...

my god there are so many things to do...and yet there is still so much time ahead in which to achieve them.
i love thes desires of yours.such worthwhile ones.
so when you do have your kids you can come and live in england and become a yoga teacher.
that's 3 off the list!

i'm wishing you all the best on the job front.

lots of love

Madeleine said...

ps. did you have word verification before, or have you just added it?
i just don't remember it.

note to self: must take altzheimer's tablets

Frankie said...

We have so many of the same dreams, but I hope you know how greatly I already see so much of this in you! Yes, you can be all of these things. You will be. You have already begun.

Anonymous said...

I am so excited about the job situation...I have every appendage crossed for you, my dear!

And your list is wonderful. :)

And I read something very interesting about anxiety recently...that anxiety is a GOOD sign because it means that you are challenging yourself to rise to your higher level...whereas depression means that you are turning against yourself and regressing a bit. So, basically, if its anxiety you feel, you are on the right track so lean into the feeling.

Laini said...

Wow, this is wonderful, M! You make life seem like such a buffet of possibilities, which of course it is! Your aspirations point to such a wonderful full and balanced future. I wish you energy and joy and serendipity in fulfilling your entire self!

megg said...

Your comment to me? Right back at ya! I believe every single thing you said was something I WANT too!! We'll have to figure out how to have that tea!!


Madeleine said...

hey honey. can you send me your e-mail address. i can't seem to find it (idiot that i am).


Becca said...

So many wonderful things in your "still can be" list. I hope you achieve them all!

Beautiful post! And BTW, best luck with your new job opportunity!

liz elayne said...

love all of this...who you can still be...
and hope you hear about the job SOON!

Earth Monkey said...

a very inspiring post. i love your hope and tenacity to live up to your dreams. the eveyday can certainly wear this away. these were all good reminders of goals and dreams still so vibrant and alive.