Monday, April 03, 2006

Sunday Scribblings and beyond...

Even if our efforts of attention seem for years
to be producing no result,
one day a light that is in exact proportion to them
will flood the soul.
- Simone Weil-
I know I know, I'm late with my Sunday Scribblings, but I haven't got a computer at home yet. We will in a couple weeks, just not yet. So here's my first entry- I too did a five minute timed writing and tried my best not to edit it.

What would you attempt if you knew you wouldn't fail??

Such a loaded question, don't you think? The first thing that comes to mind is becoming an Olympic athlete, either in tennis or on the women's football (aka soccer) team. To be an elite athlete, to be able to commit myself to training everyday, working my body like that, would be a dream. Especially if I knew I was going to be successful no matter what. Or maybe I'd become a yoga or pilates instructor, using my body everyday and helping others find peace and health.
Next, I think about being a writer- writing artistic journals about traveling, about seeing and sharing the world. Or being a children's author, helping them learn about other cultures in a fun and creative way. Or maybe a travel Life Coach, someone who helps you leave your comfort zone and see the world, even if you just go outside your own town or immediate environment. or all the way across the globe! Or just be a photographer, sharing images of the world for those who aren't able to get there themselves.
I'd also love to be a vineyard owner and viticulturist, watching the grapes grow and mature into beautiful wine. Being part of nature and all its majesty, its wonders. Being able to work outside and have a product to show for my efforts, the efforts of those around me. I'd also love to run a b+b or an inn with my Love, somewhere that we're surrounded by beauty. Where we can share our love and awe of a place with others, bring them into our own creative circle and open their minds and hearts to a wonderful experience away from home.
I want to be a mom as well. A loving, calm, inspiring, interesting, energetic, happy, helpful, young mom with happy and healthy children. Or maybe a Montessori teacher, spending my days watching the creative minds of young people work, helping them open up to the world around them. Be a provider of an alternative source of education for kids who want more than the traditional cash-strapped school system can provide. Helping young people become more creative, more adventurous, develop a strong sense of self and understanding of humankind the world over.

Whoa, that's five minutes already. Goes by quickly, but there is a lot written there as well. It's amazing how many possibilities open up when you are allowed free reign, the knowledge that you won't fail no matter what. I did use "or" a lot, and maybe, interesting considering I'm not going to fail.
I had a great weekend with my R. We finally got some of our travel photos done, 8x10 in black and white and are going to put them up on our ever empty walls tonight! I cannot wait, they turned out so brilliantly! It's been a dream of mine to be surrounded by our photos of our many experiences overseas and now we're doing it. Makes me want to be a photographer as well! I'll take a pic to share on here when they're up.
The sun was shining yesterday and we actually got to sit out on the beach and soak it up. We walked through Stanley Park and up in Shaughnessy, one of the very wealthy neighborhoods of the city with our landlady- they are busy building a house up there. I love that its light later at night, but it makes me feel like I should be doing more things after dinner. Whereas before, it was ok to have dinner and sit and watch some tv, now it feels like I should be doing more. I hate "the Shoulds" in my life. Felt like I was lacking energy and wondered what I can do to find more of it- even with my running and the sun shining, I felt so tired by the time we got home both days!! What's that about??? Had nightmares last night about shouting out in my sleep and feel so tired today. Must have something to do with the time change. I know my stomach is definitely confused!!


la vie en rose said...

your 5 minute wild write produced some wonderful dreams. i'd love to come stay at your b&b, sip your homemade wine, and let your coaching gently nudge me out of my fear of leaving my safe surroundings.

Anonymous said...

ooh, I love the idea of being a travel coach...and I feel you on saying "or" and "maybe" even in a timed write...hopefully we'll both be able to say "yes!" a lot more as we do this.

I loved all of the possibilities here. I could feel excitement.

And as far as feeling like you "should" do this or that--I think sometimes that's a bit of fear talking once you get started on something--the fear that if you don't nag yourself into moving all the time, all the time, all the time, you'll just...stop. Part of this blogging thing is just developing the faith that you can trust YOURSELF to stay on the path.

How jealous am I that you could just walk to Stanley Park??? Have I mentioned how much LOVE Vancouver (yes, Mardougrrl, in every message!)?

Can't wait to see the pictures!

Laini said...

Hi M! I'd love to see your travel photos, and I'm so glad you posted a Scribble! I agree with Mardougrrl that being a travel coach sounds like a sweet life! If there isn't such a thing, there SHOULD be! So fun to see all the dreams that have come out of people in this, it's like playing what I want to be when I grow up, but with grown-ups!

megg said...

hi there -

i think you should do a small edit there. Replace every 'or' with an 'and' and you'll have it just about right!! They are all great dreams - you should let yourself dream ALL of them :)

Jim Di Bartolo said...

Hey "M," thanks for popping over to my corner of the BLOG :) As to your "Scribblings" it sounds like you've got it narrowed down so why not do all of those things you mention? :) You could train for the Olympics while growing grapes at your vineyard! You could zig & zag between the vines and improve your soccer skills! You'd be UNstoppable! :)


twistedsoda said...

I see some familiar faces here! I think I might just have a seat and stay awhile...I

love your corner of the world...I wish I was there right now in Stanley Park.

Thanks for your wonderful really made my day!